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Blogging Hiatus – Where I’ve Been

Well, to be honest, sleeping. Really, the only time I allow myself to work on this blog is when my son is sleeping either early in the morning or late at night. This hadn’t really been an issue until a few months ago when I started feeling exhausted all of the time. In addition to… Continue reading Blogging Hiatus – Where I’ve Been

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Spring Bucket List For Toddlers

Spring officially starts on March 20th and runs through June 20th. After living in Hawaii for almost two years, I can’t wait for the weather to start warming up (although I’m not too sure how warm it will actually get in the spring up here in the PNW). Here are all of the things I… Continue reading Spring Bucket List For Toddlers

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Weekly Cleaning Schedule

I like to keep a fairly tidy home. Not so clean that you feel uncomfortable sitting on the couch but clean enough so if my toddler eats a Cherrio off the floor I won’t be completely disgusted. When I was in school and also when I was working full-time, I thrived on lists, planning and… Continue reading Weekly Cleaning Schedule


My Happys – What Makes Me Happy Today 1/18/2017

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Nothing seemed to be going right from rude people at the grocery store to my family getting sick. There is nothing I hate more than hearing my son cough and cry. Following a day like yesterday, I decided I needed to cheer myself up and try to look… Continue reading My Happys – What Makes Me Happy Today 1/18/2017