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Blogging Hiatus – Where I’ve Been

Well, to be honest, sleeping.

Really, the only time I allow myself to work on this blog is when my son is sleeping either early in the morning or late at night. This hadn’t really been an issue until a few months ago when I started feeling exhausted all of the time. In addition to being tired, I was also extremely nausea.

Hmmmm….wonder what the issue could be. Any guesses?

I’m sure all the mommas out there could guess it.

I am pregnant!

Between the way I was feeling through the first trimester and chasing around my very mobile toddler all day, blogging was just not happening. Luckily, I am now 15 weeks pregnant and starting to feel more like myself which is great because I have missed posting on here! I’m so excited to start blogging more regularly now and love that I have a whole new outlet for material while I am prepping for my new bundle of joy.

Expect to see a ton of posts popping up about pregnancy and prepping for baby. We are so excited and can’t wait to meet our little one in November!

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