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Oscars 2017 – Best Dressed Moms

We couldn’t wrap up this award season’s best dressed moms posts without topping it off with the best dressed moms from the Academy Awards.

This year’s Oscars was certainly one for the history books for a few reasons but the one that will be most talked about is the envelope mix up that resulted in the wrong winner being announced for Best Picture. This has never happened in the history of the Academy Awards and definitely made for a few good minutes of TV.

The flubs that occurred at the ceremony, however, are not what we are talking about in this post so let’s get to the fashion!

Top 5 Best Dressed Moms at the Oscars

Taraji P. Henson

Oscars 2017 - Best Dressed Moms - Taraji P. Henson
Credit: Vogue.com

Isabelle Huppert

Oscars 2017 - Best Dressed Moms - Isabelle Huppert
Credit: Vogue.com


Jessica Biel

Oscars 2017 - Best Dressed Moms - Jessica Biel
Credit: Vogue.com


Nicole Kidman

Oscars 2017 - Best Dressed Moms - Nicole Kidman
Credit: Vogue.com


Viola Davis

Oscars 2017 - Best Dressed Moms - Viola Davis
Credit: Vogue.com

Check out our picks for Golden Globes 2017 – Best Dressed Moms and Grammys 2017 – Best Dressed Moms. See you next award season!

3 thoughts on “Oscars 2017 – Best Dressed Moms

  1. Viola Davis was my personal favorite from last night, then Taraji and Janelle Monae – she brought drama to her look and I think it was well balanced with the head piece she wore. Jessica Biel’s dress looks like she got in a fight with a cat with razor sharp claws lol. In my opinion, overall the Oscars fashion was meh… I was expecting more.


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