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Weekly Cleaning Schedule

I like to keep a fairly tidy home. Not so clean that you feel uncomfortable sitting on the couch but clean enough so if my toddler eats a Cherrio off the floor I won’t be completely disgusted.

When I was in school and also when I was working full-time, I thrived on lists, planning and having a set schedule. If I don’t write it down and have a plan, it just won’t get done. It is so easy to get caught up in working on tasks that require immediate action that is is easy to forget about the long-term. This mindset applies to so many aspects of life. Sure, in this post I am discussing cleaning your home but it can also be used to describe planning out career goals, financial goals and just life goals in general.

Breaking down these regular tasks into easily completed steps makes them so much easier to digest. It isn’t, “My house is a mess. Where do I start?” but rather “It’s Wednesday, let’s knock out the bathrooms and get on with the day.”

Check below for my weekly cleaning schedule and how I keep my home clean without going crazy.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule - Family-Favorites.com

4 thoughts on “Weekly Cleaning Schedule

  1. I really liked this, and now I’m a new follower.
    Being a mum, and the Queen of Lists, it seems a great way to do it, just one job a day. I love your idea of doing just one ‘set’ of rooms a day. I always do it a little different (One day I do all the dusting, another all the vacuuming, another the bathrooms, another the washing and ironing, another the food shopping…) but I’m going to try it your way. A Change is as good as a holiday!


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