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Thanksgiving Dinner – Parent vs Toddler Menu

I love watching my little guy grow up and discover new foods. He is 12 months old but already has tasted a variety of foods and basically only eats table food now. I’m really excited about having him join us for Thanksgiving this year but I knew there would need to be a few adjustments to his portions to keep it toddler friendly.

Usually I do a much of appetizers and desserts but this year we are just going to have a small Thanksgiving dinner with my husband, son and myself so I’m sticking with a simple menu. Check below to see what I will be making this Thanksgiving and how I plan to tailor it for my toddler.*

Main Course

  • Super Moist Roasted Turkey Breast via Mostly Homemade Mom
    • Toddler Version – Remove turkey skin


  • Green Bean Casserole via FRENCH’S
    • Toddler Version – Remove fried onions. Will be using no salt added green beans
  • Stuffing via Mrs. Cubbisons
    • Toddler Version – Serve as is. Will be using low sodium chicken broth
  • Creamed Corn and Spinach Mac & Cheese via Annie’s Homegrown
    • Toddler Version -Serve as is
  • Mashed Potatoes via Favorite Family Recipes
    • Toddler Version – Serve as is
  • Brown Gravy via Recipe Lion
    • Toddler Version – Will not be given to toddler
  • Crescent Rolls
    • Toddler Version – Serve as is


  • Mini Pies via Two Sisters Crafting
    • Toddler Version – Will make one pie with little to no sugar just for toddler


*Only offer one new food to your baby at a time, three to four days apart. This will help you track an allergic reaction more easily to the the food that caused it.


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