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Yummly Shopping List App

For the longest time my family used ZipList as our grocery shopping app. It had many great features and was very user-friendly so even my husband (haha) could use it without getting frustrated. A couple of years ago, however, ZipList shut down. They provided a recommendation for another shopping app to use but it was clunky and I, someone who has worked in technology since 2009, had difficulty using it. I had become so dependent on my grocery shopping app and now I was forced to go find another.

I tried several different apps before I found Yummly. Although not perfect, it does check several of the boxes I look for when using a grocery shopping app.


First, I will go through the things I like most about Yummly.

  • Yummly app – Yummly’s app includes recipe search, your digital recipe box with recipes that you have “Yummed”, recipe recommendations and a smart shopping list. The best thing about the app is that you can select a recipe and then select that the recipe’s ingredient be added to your shopping list. The app will then arrange each item by aisle in your list.


  • Yum Bookmarklet  – In addition to adding any of your personal recipes onto the site, you can also also add their bookmarklet to your browser so you can  add recipes from blogs and websites to your Yummly recipe box.
  • Cook With What You Have – You can use Yummly’s “with” and “without” ingredient filters to find out what you can cook without having to go to the grocery store.
  • Taste Preference – Once you set up your taste preferences in Yummly, they will only give recommendations on recipes you would be interested.

There are other great Yummly features that are helpful when trying to put together a meal but these are the main ones that I use on a regular basis.

Now, for the on big thing I dislike most about Yummly – You cannot edit your shopping list online! Ughhhh! I find this so annoying and is something I loved so much about ZipList. I know it sounds like a little thing but it really makes a big difference when you are trying to quickly pull together your shopping list.

That is it though, my only complaint about the app. If it had online shopping list editing, it would be perfect. Nonetheless, I have not found another grocery shopping app that adequately checks so many of my boxes so Yummly is my app of choice.

If you are interested in getting an app that will help simplify your grocery shopping trips, my recommendation would definitely be Yummly.

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